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Justice for Breonna

On March 13, 2020 cops executed a no-knock warrant that led to the execution of Breonna Taylor. She was killed in her home in the middle of the night. Her partner tried to protect his and her life and was summarily arrested for that act. The cops were at the wrong house, the kicked in the wrong door, and they murdered an essential worker—a woman who risked her life daily during a global pandemic as an EMT. The officers were fired after weeks of protest but none of them have been charged. Enough is enough. We need justice for Breonna Taylor.

            No-knock warrants are a common practice for police, especially inner-city police. It is the procedure where without warning, they kick in doors to apprehend an individual with an outstanding arrest warrant. It is violent and jarring in its application by intent, to ensure any person in the house is immobilized by fear and the spontaneous act of intrusion. Cops enter guns blazing, immune to any consequence of their actions. The problem exists when they kick in the door of the wrong person, when they enter with the intent to cause harm, when they shoot first before they ask questions. When this policy is married with an institution based on Black exploitation, its children are murder and unaccountability. It was these children that killed Breonna Taylor, and it is time for these killers to face justice.

            The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists calls on Attorney General Daniel Cameron to indict the officers that killed Breonna Taylor. While CBTU acknowledges the advancements made since her death—the retiring of the police chief, the suspension of no-knock warrants, and the firing of the officers, justice can only be served when those who commit crimes are held accountable. Breonna Taylor deserves this. America deserves this. And the Black community is watching.

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CONGRATULATIONS: 2020 Scholarship Awardees

STATEMENT on DACA Supreme Court Ruling

Today, June 18, the Supreme Court once again, two days in a row, struck down oppressive and discriminatory practices promoted by this administration. Today, in a 5-4 ruling, the court upheld the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This program was enacted under the Obama administration as a way to provide protections for children brought to this country. This current administration had sought to end this program and continue its tradition of traumatizing youth. The Supreme Court put the breaks on that for now, and so we must claim this victory and congratulate the court.

Under former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, this government sought to scale back and ultimately end the DACA program. The courts ruled that the justification for doing this and the process of ending the program did not follow the law. It ended the current justification and methodology of ending DACA, but it did not protect it, save it, or codify it. So we celebrate today, but must be prepared for the fight once again.

This administration has taken every road and avenue available to inflict harm on humans. They have promoted discriminatory practices against the LGBTQ+ community, they have locked children in cages, they have pushed reopening the country while the COVID death toll surpasses 100,000, they definitely don’t think Black Lives Matter. There is nothing humanitarian, righteous, or moral in any action take by those in the WHITE house. The Supreme Court today did something just, legal, and morally correct. Come November we need to make sure we elect leaders with a heart

JUNETEENTH Official CBTU Holiday

Juneteenth has always stood as a Black Holiday. It is the day the last slaves were informed that the government has officially ended slavery. This happened two and a half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation and stands as a testament to the perseverance and endurance of Black people, our will to survive the barbarism of slavery, and our spirit that has carried us through those moments. In honor of this day CBTU is making it an official holiday for all staff and leadership. CBTU will be closing down for the day to commemorate our ancestors and to honor our legacy.

In these troubling times it is important we take a moment to celebrate our  successes, honor our victories, and show respect for those who sacrificed so much for us. Freedom in this country was never, and will never, be granted by an amendment or a proclamation. It is something we the people have fought for and earned through our sacrifices and selflessness. Nonetheless, we must acknowledge when our country makes advances to end systemic racism and societal oppression. Juneteenth commemorates all of that and on that day we want to take a moment and honor all those who came before us.

As President of CBTU I am making this day an official holiday for all staff, asking all officers to refrain from CBTU business to honor this moment, and challenging all of us as unionists that consider putting this holiday in our contracts moving forward. We must fight for our bread, but also our roses. Smell the roses on Juneteenth grown and cared for  in the struggle and resistance of our ancestors.

CBTU 50TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION August 19-23, 2021 Melia Nassau Beach Bahamas: All Inclusive

2021 marks the historic 50th Anniversary of the Founding of CBTU.  It was half a century ago that Bill Lucy, Jack Edwards, Charlie Hayes, Cleveland Robinson, and Bill Simons led a contingent of Black unionists to formally establish the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists. It was their courage, their strength, their wisdom, and their fearlessness that has gotten us to this moment in time, and Black workers now more than ever need CBTU to fight with them and for them, on the shop floor, in the streets, and in the union halls.

There is an old labor song “Bread and Roses” that rings so true. It states that “Yes, it is Bread we fight for—but we fight for Roses, too.” Brothers, sisters, members, friends, and family we are pleased to offer some Roses to go with the Bread taxed on you to help keep this movement alive. To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of CBTU we are pleased to offer an All-Inclusive Bahamas Package.

We have been able to secure reasonable rates at an amazing venue for us to gather as family, break bread, and enjoy each other’s company without the work for once. Celebrate the founding of CBTU in the Bahamas with your CBTU family as we partake in the festivities and accommodations of an all-inclusive resort. To ensure that this is affordable and possible, we have been able to set up a payment plan where for the minimum of $100 per month you can pay it all off prior to the trip. An all-inclusive means food and beverage are covered and not additional to the trip. I have attached the package and payment plan to this message.

All information pertaining to the rooms and rates can be found by clicking the registration link below. Please contact National Headquarters if you have any questions.

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