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William Lucy | Nelson Edwards | Cleveland Robinson | Charles A. Hayes
William H. Simons | Original CBTU Leaders

It was predicted by many that the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists would not survive when it was formed in 1972. The Coalition was a bold repudiation of the "neutral" political position advocated by George Meany, President of the AFL-CIO, in the presidential election between Richard Nixon and George McGovern.

Watergate finished Nixon...New leadership has revitalized the AFL-CIO...And CBTU has crossed into the 21st century, proud of the courageous leaders who dared to create a strong independent voice for Black workers and other minorities within the labor movement. These architects of history will never forgotten.

Original CBTU Leaders

  • William Lucy, AFSCME
  • Charles Hayes, (UFCW) [deceased]
  • Nelson "Jack" Edwards, UAW [deceased]
  • Cleveland Robinson, District 65 UAW [deceased]
  • William Simons, AFT
  • Alzada Clark, UFW
  • Isom Clemons, International Longshoremen's Association
  • Levi Daniels, UMW
  • Ola Kennedy, USW
  • Gideon Parham, Teamsters
  • Lillian Roberts, AFSCME
  • Dennis Serrette, CWA
  • Horace Sheffield, UAW (deceased)
  • Ed Todd, Textile Workers (deceased)
  • Agnes Willis, IUEW
  • Robert Wilson, Butcher's Union (UFCW)
  • Constance Woodruff, ILGWU
  • Addie Wyatt, UFCW
  • Robert Simpson, Teamsters
  • Leonard Ball, AFSCME (deceased)
  • Jim Bell, UAW (deceased)
  • James Davis, UAW
  • Oliver Montgomery, USW





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Welcome to the website of CBTU, the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists. CBTU is the fiercely independent voice of Black Workers within the Trade Union Movement.

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