January 26, 2010


The U.S. Supreme Court once again has demonstrated its pro-power leanings in its recent decision to treat massive corporations as equivalent to individual citizens when it comes to political action or, as they read it, free speech.  To the lives and interest of working people, this decision surpasses the decision to stop the count of ballots in Florida and grant the Presidential Election to George W. Bush.


The decision will guarantee a massive infusion of corporate dollars that will make an almost impossibility the election of another Barack Obama, and perhaps bring to an end the bold people focused agenda of the present President.  If this decision stands, there will be no more democratic accidents that will allow Barack Obama types of victories at any level of government.  This decision wipes out decades of legal precedents established to level the playing field and keep it level.


Elections from dog catcher to U.S. President will not only be on the corporate radar screen, but will by virtue of the corporation’s vested interest, be open to them to seek to influence either positively or negatively based upon the corporate board  and their chief executive officer.  Not that their influence was not present before, but think for a moment about the use of large corporate dollars used in town, city council, board of supervisors, state senate and assembly races.   Then ask yourself how will the interest of citizens and average workers be supported or protected when they are in conflict with the corporate agenda?


President Obama and the leadership should abandon this incredibly na´ve drive for bi-partisan participation and proceed to do what the people elected him to do.


In Solidarity,

William Lucy

William Lucy